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  • Burckhardt, HRS working on high capacity hydrogen stations

    April 25, 2022

      Burckhardt Compression and HRS, a European maker of hydrogen refueling stations, plan to develop compressor systems for high capacity hydrogen refueling stations.

      The partnership seeks to develop fueling stations for heavy-duty transport including ports with an eye to future opportunities involving trains, boats and airplanes.

      Burckhardt Compression and HRS will adapt existing compression technologies to develop high-capacity hydrogen refueling stations. The target is to deliver safe, reliable, refueling solutions, for intensive market usages, with capacities above 1 ton a day. Within this framework, the partners will focus attention on the industrialization of the production process to achieve expected CAPEX reduction. This three-year non-exclusive agreement also paves the way towards a common answer to new market opportunities, especially hydrogen mobility market future requirement for boats, trains, or planes, the companies said.

      “This agreement with a key actor in the compression market is a great news for hydrogen mobility,” said Hassen Rachedi, founding chairman & CEO of HRS. “The pooling of our knowledge and best practices will enable us to propose new solutions to boost the development of heavy-duty mobility and make hydrogen mobility more accessible to the public.”

      Founded in 2004, Hydrogen-Refueling-Solutions (HRS), formerly TSM, is pioneer in hydrogen mobility.

      “HRS is a pioneer and leader of the European fuel station market and we are delighted to support them with our compression technology and expertise,” said Fabrice Billard, CEO of Burckhardt Compression. “With this partnership, we aim to contribute to the energy transition with reliable and economical compression solutions to scale up the hydrogen infrastructure.”

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